What can this system do for a rubber company? First, this is a system which can be used right at the molding press. The rubber must be cooled to room temperature but, if the rubber sheets are stored for a short time, they cool very quickly. The operator would stack sheets in three piles. When the first is cooled, trimming would begin. As the operator piles the sheets on stack number three, he would be removing sheets from pile number one. This would turn the entire process into a workable operation. The advantages are the extreme low cost and single operator responsibility. The trimming could be completed in a finishing area, so the operator could do the inspection and boxing of the finished parts. In the sample press, we trimmed 91 parts in 33.5 seconds. Allowing 5 seconds to load the next sheet of rubber this machine trims out 1,092 parts in 7.7 minutes. This was a part 1.5" in outside diameter with an inside diameter of .281". The process recommended is that the parts are inspected before trimming and only good parts be trimmed, due to the low scrap rate. The sample press trimmed 25,000 parts with a scrap rate of 0.2%.