The Altman Air Bench Press has an extremely rigid parallel 4 post C channel frame.

The press comes with a large 6" by 12" hole through the bed of the press. This allows ample room for parts or scrap to fall through the bottom.

The press comes complete with OSHA recommended electricals including anti-tie down, and 4/10 of a second interlock between palm buttons.

A positive safety block is included. This is a bar of steel which provides a point of axis safety.

Air valves are sub-plated plug in type valves that are easily replaceable.

Pneumatic lockout is included.

The parallels are adjustable to fit large or small dies.

Turn over time is minimal.

The press comes with pre drilled mounting holes to allow quick mounting to a table.

Palm buttons are fastened to the top of the press frame for easy and safe operations.

The press is shipped complete with regulator, lubricator, filter, gauge, adapter, and clamps.

The standard color of the press is dark machinery blue over zinc primer.

Press readily adapts itself to automation.

Available Options

Light Touch Ergonomic Palm Buttons
Automatic Part and Scrap Removal
Optional 10" Light Curtain With Plastic Guarding


Features Quoted Separately

Brute Machine Base With Part Fall Through Hole
Cycle Counters
Dual Patented Safety Block as on Our Hydraulic Press