The ALTMAN HY-PRO TRIM PRESS is a machine, which is specially designed to propel our gang trim dies. This machine was first sold in 1967 and has been in continuous use. The frame is open front to back to allow the sheet of rubber to be moved easily during trimming. The bolster plate and crown of this press are 6" and 5" thick. These hold your dies parallel during punching, reducing die wear. The standard machine is designed for basic hand feeding of rubber parts. This machine is offered with automation, such as a flip up tray, rotary table, auto part removal, and can be robotically operated.
General Dimensions:
A. Floor space of 9 1/3 square feet.
B. Floor to top of 5" plate, 5 feet 4.5 inches.
C. Shipping weight of 3300 pounds.
D. Extra strong box type frame.
E. 1 1/4" tie rods
F. 3/4" formed upright channels.
G. 3/8" formed leg channels.
H. 14" front to back dimension across 6" plate.
I. 8" x 36" hole through 6" bed plate.
Safety Features:
A. The basic design provides for a maximum rigidity and a reduced
chance of rod end breakage.
B. No flywheel, clutch, or holding brake which could slip or catch.
C. Electrical control is so designed that if a failure of one component
occurs press can not move on its own, and if operator starts cylinder
movement it can only travel one half inch.
D. Press must be operated with two hands, that is both palm buttons
must be depressed for the downward cycle.
E. A minimum safety factor of 3 to 1 at 3,000 psi. shock load is
F. In case of power failure press stops and will not idle downward as
power returns.
G. Press is manufactured to the latest O.S.H.A. electrical recommendations.
Altman HY-PRO Rotary Press
6 Station Camco Rotary Table
Allen Bradley Process Controls
3.5" Bore 9" Stroke 12 Ton Press
Multiple Operations At Same Time
Multi-Axis Punching Capabilities
Automatic Port Lubrication
50 Gallon Power Unit
Robotic Part Unloading
Scrap Blow Off
Adaptable to Automation
Comes with Light Curtain and
Plexi-Glass Guard